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Natural Fibre Technologies is founded on 30 years of applied research.
It all started with a simple vision to use bio-waste to make useable goods.

Sustainable Biocomposite Technologies

In 1998, Tam Tekle launched TTS—a research and development firm—with a deliberate intent to develop value-added products using by-products from forestry and agricultural production. The company quickly acquired an international reputation for technical and innovative excellence, building a list of consulting clients that include Canfor, Dieffenbacher, Domtar, International Paper, Modern Laminated Timber, Nelson Pine Industries, Schweitzer-Mauduit, and West Fraser Timber.

By 2006, the company developed a suite of green building products, and began pursuing partnerships for commercial production. The first commercial spin-off, BioComposites Group, launched in 2013 and TTS led the development of the multi-million-dollar engineered fibre mat plant in Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Natural Fibre Technologies is a continuation of TTS’s drive to create partnerships for the commercialization of their remaining sustainable biocomposites technology. NFT exists to pair TTS's unique products and technology with agricultural, production and manufacturing relationships around the world. This makes Natural Fibre Technologies the first vertically integrated company in the world executing the concept of “Whole Crop Utilization”.

Revolutionizing Industries, Naturally

Natural Fibre Technologies processes agricultural material—particularly hemp—grown by food producing strategic partners, particularly across Western Canada.

NFT makes clean hemp hurd and fibre available for bulk sale. At the same time, we also divert waste material into the production of value-added products for feedstock, industrial inputs, the automotive industry, the construction industry, and consumer products.

Sustainable Products that Benefit Everyone

Natural Fibre Technologies is committed to a sustainable future. Our focus is developing products that make the lowest impact on the environment, give highest return on investment, and provide the greatest benefit to industries, communities, and people.

We believe that business means creating exponential shared value: value that yields profit with positive social impacts, new innovations with opportunities, where sustainability isn't just a word, but the natural reality for industries and people everywhere.

To learn more about shared value, please visit sharedvalue.org

Hemp Fibre

Natural Fibre Technologies is a continuation of TTS’s drive to create partnerships for the commercialization of its sustainable biocomposite technologies.

Projects We've Done

From fibreplastics to fibrecement, from furniture grade composites to panels for top five global automakers, NFT has lead the way with stable, reliable, quality products that are redefining industries around the world.


Top 5 Car Manufacturers Choose NFT 

Our fibre and hurd are used by leading companies 

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Superior Sustainability 

Hemp composites for today's businesses 

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NFT Fibre Cement 

Stronger, lighter, sound-dampening, R-value 

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Versatility & Durability  

Better than traditional building materials 

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Gorgeous Hemp Furniture 

Stunning designs & durable finishes 

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Hemp In the Boardroom 

Custom designs that make a statement 

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